12 Stats Advertisers Need To Know About Native Video

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“While the amount of attention people are willing to give to media and the Internet in general has skyrocketed — largely due to having a screen and connection with them everywhere — it eventually is finite.” tweet this quote
Ev Williams, CEO of Medium and Co-Founder of Twitter

For advertisers, time is money. But it’s not just time they’re looking for, it’s attention.

Yet, attention is a finite resource that is increasingly hard to come by. Between 2000 and 2012, the average human attention span dropped 40%, from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. For comparison, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

We can blame mobile, point to social media and complain how we’re addicted to screens. Whatever the cause, the landscape has changed and advertisers must continue to adapt.

Video has always been good at capturing attention — we pay to sit in movie theaters and watch a motion picture for two hours. We buy fancy TVs and computers to catch our favorite video content, and in recent years, started streaming those clips on our phones and tablets.

Native is the common thread between video advertising strategies. tweet this quote

And where there’s content, there are ads. As mobile users spend more time in news feeds, where videos play silently and automatically, the dynamics of video advertising must adapt to the changing consumption patterns.

Whether you look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the quickly growing list of content publishers and apps, native is the common thread: these videos aren't playing out like TV commercials and pre-roll, interjecting themselves between us and the content we're seeking out. The new normal for video is the what advertisers should be focusing on: video that fit in to its surrounding environment that people will consume the same way they consume organic content.

To help understand why native is growing so quickly for video advertising, we curated a list of the most compelling data about native video from around the industry and our own platform, the Sharethrough Exchange (STX). Measurements from STX include 3,000 native video ads from 236 brands promoted in the first half of 2015.

Here are 12 stats advertisers need to know about native video:

An Age Of Skimming

8 SECONDS tweet this native video stat

Is the length of an average attention span today. That’s one second less than a goldfish!
Source: Microsoft

2 DAYS tweet this native video stat

Every 48 hours, the same amount of content is produced as was created from the beginning of mankind through 2003. That’s a lot of content to compete with.
Source: Google

60 PERCENT tweet this native video stat

Of people get their news from headlines. We’re in an age of skimming where headline culture prevails. What we share is not the same as what we’ve watched or read.
Source: American Press Institute

Attention + Time = Money

ZERO tweet this native video stat

Correlation between social sharing and time spent reading. Tweet first, read...never?
Source: Chartbeat, Upworthy

5 SECONDS tweet this native video stat

Is all it takes for brand videos to achieve ad recall on YouTube, whether or not the brand is mentioned.
Source: Google

10 SECONDS tweet this native video stat

Or less contribute to 74% of the impact for Facebook’s native video ads.
Source: Facebook

2.5X tweet this native video stat

How much more likely Twitter uses are to prefer autoplay videos over click-to-view or thumbnail previews.
Source: Twitter

3X tweet this native video stat

More attention is captured for a 90-second video ad than a 30-second video ad. With no time restraints for native video ads, a longer video delivers more time spent with your brand.
Source: Sharethrough

$700 MILLION tweet this native video stat

The amount of autoplay video ads Facebook said it will have sold in 2015.
Source: eMarketer

46 PERCENT tweet this native video stat

increase in brand recall when the brand is mentioned in the first five seconds of a native video ad, with no impact on completion rate.
Source: Google

46 PERCENT tweet this native video stat

The number of of business people who, after watching a video, visited a vendor website or contacted a vendor for more information.
Source: IDG

50 PERCENT tweet this native video stat

People remember 50% more from a video compared to written content, where memory recall is 22%.
Source: Wharton Business

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