Sharethrough's Native Ad Summit returns to San Francisco! Uber, The Trade Desk, Clorox, Placed, AKQA, Intel and Digitas lined up for 2018 event

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We held the first of our Native Ad Summits at Sharethrough in 2013, and the event gained popularity quickly, packing out the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco on an annual basis. In 2016, we saw that with programmatic native having taken hold and the world’s largest brands and publishers all investing in native, the original goal of the summit to educate the market had been fulfilled.

So we took a year off to reconsider the direction for the next era of the summits… and now we’re back.

The 2018 Sharethrough Native Ad Summit is set for May 16 at 9am, at the Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery and Terrace. It will be a half-day event looking at how brands and agencies can invest in an advertising future that is here today and set themselves up for success in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

The central theme of the 2018 Native Ad Summit agenda is the tension in the advertising market between a new media reality that is here now and ad buying behaviors that are becoming rapidly out of date with that new reality.

We’ll have leading names from companies like AKQA, Adobe, Intel and Digitas talking about issues and problems relevant advertisers of all stripes are battling with today: how do you align all sides of the ecosystem to ensure programmatic success? If we know everyone is on their phones all day, how do we shift the proper focus to user experience? If people aren’t watching TV ads and skipping pre-roll whenever they can, why is 60 percent of agency spending going into big budget TV ad campaigns?

We’ll have brand managers from Uber and Clorox on stage talking about they’ve utilized native ad campaigns to great success, pushing native well passed the common market misconception that it’s only good for brand awareness plays. The Trade Desk will talk about the seismic impact of native video, Jivox will be on hand to talk about the new possibilities opened up by combining dynamic creative and component based advertising and Placed will talk about how the impact of native ad campaigns can be seen in real world sales and foot traffic.

We have some limited space left for people to attend, so if you’d like to be in attendance, drop us a line at