Ahead of Sharethrough's New York Native Ad Forum, Catch Up On 4 Important Trends Influencing The Growth Of Programmatic Native

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To attend the Native Ad Forum, you can register at the advertising week website or email summit@sharethrough.com to inquire about joining the VIP attendee list.

Native has overtaken banners as the largest display category

According to a 2016 BI Intelligence industry report, native advertising is now the dominant display medium, with total spend set to overtake display advertising in 2016. In his keynote presentation at the Native Ad Forum, Sharethrough co-founder and CEO Dan Greenberg will look at the causes and implications of this shift in the advertising market, driven by a massive migration away from traditional media toward more intimate interfaces like the smartphone. Almost every demographic is spending less time watching TV. Desktop computer use is flat on what it was in 2008, but the average person now spends almost three hours each day on their smartphone. Ninety-one percent of millennials rely on content feeds exclusively to give them their news.

It’s getting harder and harder to interrupt audiences today and native ads that fit into the user experience are becoming the most reliable way for brands to get meaningful attention. From a current point of market dominance, programmatic native is the vessel that will drive the next stage of industry growth.

Trading Desks Are Working Native Ad Formats into Multi-Channel Digital Buying Strategies

After the IAB passed the OpenRTB 2.3 spec in March 2015, Sharethrough, a Native Supply Side Platform, quickly established programmatic native integrations with two of the largest DSPs in the world, AppNexus and The Trade Desk, helping to usher in a new era for 'programmatic native.'

Trading desks now have access to premium in-feed native inventory via these integrations between native demand side and supply side platforms, enabling omni-channel digital strategies that include native ad formats and signal a potential shift way from display and more traditional ad formats. Native can result in significantly higher CTRs than display, resulting in significantly higher brand lift and purchase intent. With programmatic native for the open web, trading desk buyers can expand the benefits of this, putting their proprietary data and audience targeting to use.

At the Native Ad Forum we’ll have execs from Horizon Media, Cadreon and Mindshare on stage to help break down the implications of programmatic native for trading desks.

The coming FBX shutdown will lead to greater investment in open native ad platforms

With the closure of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) imminent, buyers on FBX will be shifting budget elsewhere, including programmatic native strategies on the open web. With OpenRTB programmatic native, buyers can expand the benefits of native, putting their proprietary data and audience targeting to use, unlocking new superpowers. Just one of the many new superpowers that the addition of programmatic capabilities has bought to native.

To talk about how Facebook and programmatic native strategies are becoming increasingly interlaced, Mindshare brand strategist Brooke Robinson will talk about how they’ve begun using pixels in Sharethrough ads to build custom audiences to retarget to on Facebook with content lower in the acquisition funnel, with astonishing results.

With programmatic native for the open web, buyers can expand the benefits of native, putting their proprietary data and audience targeting to use, unlocking new superpowers.

Private marketplaces allow publishers to scale native without sacrificing control

Similar to the display ad ecosystem, private marketplaces for native ads are becoming an important strategy for publishers to control their own destiny. These private marketplaces are exclusive RTB auctions where publishers invite select buyers to bid on their inventory at agreed upon rates, allowing publishers to scale their native revenue without sacrificing control over quality or pricing. Private Marketplaces give publishers control over which buyers are accessing their inventory via RTB and at what price.

Partnering with platforms like Sharethrough has bought DSPs access to premium in-feed native inventory. Native is now a major part of any holistic omni-channel digital strategy, and DSPs are acknowledging the shift away from display toward mobile native ad formats and less interruptive formats.

Private marketplaces are often a win-win for buyers and sellers. They offer advertisers more precision with their targeting, and allow publishers to keep fostering important buyer relationships. On deck at the Native Ad Forum to talk about these factors (and many more) will be leaders from everyone from Time Inc. and Conde Nast to Adapt.Tv and DataXu.