Ad Impressions Matter More Than You Think. Here’s Why.

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We're in the midst of a revolution.

The rapid rise of mobile device usage has made the desktop computer the printing press of yesteryear.

One out of every five people on the planet owns a smartphone. In America, that number is closer to two out of three, according to the Pew Research Center.

With all these connected devices, comes a shifting culture; one that is always on.

We’re constantly checking notifications, browsing the web, shopping online, emailing, texting, gaming, and streaming media.

With all this online activity, there’s one thing we do, all day long that you’re actually doing right now — read.

We read in feeds.

We’re reading more than ever.

Between smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, desktops and watches, we’ve got more than enough news, entertainment and gossip for our eyeballs to handle at any given time.

With so much information, we needed a way to organize it, and the feed was created.

While most people are accustomed to a social media newsfeed, few realize that the mobile Internet is made of feeds. From the front page of your favorite news site to the page that delivers your Google search results all the way your email inbox, feeds are everywhere.

When we scroll through feeds, we’re in a highly attentive mode, on the lookout for the most interesting nugget of information to catch our attention.

We’re thumbing through status updates, articles, videos, and Snapchats while waiting for coffee, before going to bed and when we’re curious about what’s going on in the world.

We keep coming back in part because we never know what we’re going to see, but know it’ll be good.

The Native Ad Value - Native ads deliver more focus, time and meaning.

The native ad value.

The value of native advertising is that it’s in the feed.

It’s in the flow of the content you’re already sifting through, and it fits right in. It could be a promoted article about power couples or 33 Game of Thrones GIFs.

Native ads grab a person's attention while discovering content in a feed.

The Science Of Native Ads - People See Banner Ads, But Read Native Ads

The value of the impression.

As an advertiser, you’re buying impressions — the single biggest advertising commodity.

Native ads have the ability to bring value back to impressions, a word that has lost its meaning.

Ad impressions can make an impact for your brand.

8 Essential Tips To Improve Your Ad Creatives will help you understand the subconscious affects your native ad impressions can deliver and how to optimize the ad creatives to leave a mark — a real impression — on your audience.

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