For Once, A Credit Card Offer You Might Actually Click On

on Content Trends

Managing your finances isn't fun. And I, like many of my Millennial friends, am no good at it.

But when female-focused email newsletter theSkimm tells me and 1.5 million other subscribers that "'Financially, I don't bloat' is always a good line", we're more inclined to listen — and learn along the way.

When native advertising is done right, it doesn't matter....

TheSkimm partnered with Chase on a clever series that helped me figure out some of those bloated financial terms. It's one of the contenders for best sponsored content series in our first ever native advertising awards, presented by Sharethrough.

Here's what Chase did with the Skimm to convince shop-savvy Skimmers the importance of good credit.

Email #1: Credit Scores

This first email started off pretty basic, linking to an article on Chase's content site, The article was called, "A Good Credit Score Can Make a Big Difference."

Email #2: Credit Utilization

As the week progressed, the financial definitions became more technical. The key was in the copy - theSkimm's editorial voice remained intact for the Chase promotion. This email linked to, "How Lenders View Your Credit History."

Email #3: Credit Hangover

This tongue-in-cheek definition made sure readers knew Asprin wouldn't make any credit missteps go away.

Email #4: Credit Health

Now, for the carefully calculated pitch. Moving dedicated readers down the funnel — theSkimm has said it gets a whopping 48% open rate — this is where Chase combines the email education with a link to a credit card offer. Keeping it classy, Chase was smart to be patient and educate potential customers first before easing into a soft sell.