Sharethrough Is Compatible with Expanded GroupM Video Viewability Standards for Social and Native Video, Announces Endorsement For New Guidelines

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We're proud to announce that Sharethrough supports and endorses the expanded GroupM viewability standards, announced last week. The updated standards align with our native video offering that autoplays on mute within publisher feeds and, similar to Facebook, can be purchased on a CPV basis either at 100% in view or based on length of video watched.

For the past 18 months, GroupM and Sharethrough have been testing the performance and best practices for muted autoplay video, run in-feed with a headline (aka native video). The result is a playbook of best practices that can be shared with all GroupM partners.

GroupM brands learning best practices for Native Video, in partnership with Sharethrough

Since 2016, Sharethrough has partnered with over 40 GroupM brands to collect best practices for the (still fairly new) native video format and measure its impact on branding and conversion metrics.

The result is a library of insights and best practices specifically for GroupM clients and agencies. For instance, a recent brand campaign with Sharethrough discovered how vital headlines were to the success of native video: videos run in-feed with a headline return nine percent higher brand awareness than outstream videos with no headline and see a 37 percent increase in 10-second, 15 second, 30 second and 44 second views.

User preference for muted autoplay video prompted the evolution of viewability standards

GroupM’s new viewability standards were created to align with the evolution of users’ video watching behaviors on and off of Facebook. Similarly, before the launch of our Native Video product in 2015, Sharethrough conducted research to understand how video viewing preferences aligned with our company philosophy to only build ad products that respect the user experience. A survey of Millennial ad preferences revealed that 79 percent said that they found native video convenient.

This research also confirmed that headlines are a crucial component to the impact of native video. Seventy percent of Millennials surveyed said they read the headline while, or before, watching in-feed native video. The headline adds a vital layer of context for in-feed autoplaying video. Native video is read, as well as seen.

We look forward to continuing to work in conjunction with GroupM to evolve ad products that respect the user experience while maximizing brand performance through proper ad verification.

Frank Maguire

Head of Market Development, Brands & Agencies at Sharethrough. Leading development of the native advertising market through research and education