How Sharethrough Is Giving Publishers The Tools To Measure Native Ad Attention

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When you land on an interesting story, you engage with it, you scan it, you give it your attention. The same is true for sponsored content.

As advertisers create more sponsored posts, listicles and infographics, they are looking to publishers to provide them with software that can track and measure these "attention minutes".

At Sharethrough, we have always looked for ways to provide our publishers with the best native advertising tools possible so that they can pass them along to their advertisers. And with more publishers using [Sharethrough’s software](( to manage their entire native revenue stack — including sponsored content programs — we wanted to find a technology that could properly measure attention.

That's why, today, we're announcing a partnership with Nudge Analytics.

With a Nudge integration in the Sharethrough for Publishers dashboard, we are now able to provide the best analytics to measure post-click performance and sponsored content attention.

With Nudge Analytics built into Sharethrough, publishers and advertisers can measure:

Attention Minutes: active time spent engaging with content.
Percentage Scrolled: how far readers scrolled through the content.

Nudge's technology identifies the sections of an article or piece of content and tracks the time being spent on it. It also has the ability to stop tracking when someone is idling and not actively reading or paying attention.

Additionally, Nudge shows the performance of different traffic sources to enable a deeper understanding of how different audiences interact with sponsored content.

We are excited about this partnership and hope this will help shed light on one of the most important elements of content measurement: attention.