Infographic: How The Feed Changed The Way We Consume Content

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The RSS feed — or as we now know it, simply “the feed” — organizes the world into a series of neat, clickable, constantly updating bits of information.

While it's the norm today – think Facebook News Feed, Twitter feed, and just about every mobile news site and app — it’s a relatively new concept.

Just 10 short years ago, there was no way to know what a public figure such as Justin Bieber was thinking in real time.

The feed now dominates online content consumption, from the news we read on our mobile devices to the social networks we check constantly throughout the day, as well as the ads that show on these platforms.

This infographic chronicles the history of feed formats, from its humble search engine origins to the dominance of feed-based news readers and networks. Here’s to a feed-tastic 2014.

Mobile Content Consumption Is Driven By The Feed - Sharethrough Infographic