How Thousands of Brands Use Native Ads To Amplify The Reach Of Their Owned Blog Content

on Programmatic Native

Interrupting someone with a banner ad online has never been a good way to get their attention.

Native ads however, are built to capture the sort of meaningful attention banners never could.
Native’s success comes through fitting seamlessly into the user experience of the content-feed it is placed into. Where banners are merely seen, native ads are actually read. Sharethrough’s neuroscience research found it takes someone 308 times as long to process a native headline than a banner, which for brands equates to more time with your audience, better brand lift, purchase intent, and so on.

At Sharethrough, we’re seeing thousands of brands drive awareness and promote engagement with their owned content by using native content cards and native website visit ads: using the benefits native offers to amplify the reach of this content, boost engagement and syndicate positive brand stories.

Promoting a Brand Content Hub With Website Visit Ads


Most brands today have their own content hubs, which help them spotlight their best use cases, brand stories and customer profiles. For their many benefits, these sites require a lot of investment without any guarantee of meaningful organic traffic. The good thing is though, the types of content on these sites is easily promoted with native website visit ads. These help brands syndicate brand content into the content feeds of premiere publishers and extend the reach of this high-quality content.


Native website visit ads drive audiences directly through to a brand hub. They’re great for delivering qualified site visitors, increasing content engagement and boosting reader loyalty. Sharethrough’s open channel targeting allows brands to take any particular subject from their brand content hub and reach a broad audience, optimizing toward the channels driving higher engagement rates.

Brands will be able to assess the success of this strategy by looking directly at click-through rates. Native advertising has much higher click-through rates than banner ads.

Promoting Owned Blog Content With Native Content Cards


Brands use native content cards for similar reasons as native website visit ads: driving engagement and extending the reach of brand content.

The differentiator with native content cards is it takes the headline and thumbnail of the native ad unit and links to its own content card, letting audiences stay in-feed and hosting the content there. This is the vastly preferred user experience for modern audiences reading and watching on their phones. According to Sharethrough research, 55 percent of Gen Z (18-21 years old) hadn’t clicked on a native ad for fear of being taken out of the feed to another content site.


Encouraging consumption within the card environment allows brands to keep a close eye on time spent with the content, as well as broader engagement rates, giving them another dimension to analyze the success of their content.