Infographic: The Science Behind Native Advertising

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You know all about banner blindness.

But did you know the same concept exists when the banner is front and center, smack in the middle of a content news feed?

Brand new research brings new light to the effects of mobile native ads and banner ads on the human brain.

Using neuroscience and eyetracking, native advertising company Sharethrough and Nielsen Neuro discovered that:

  • Native ads receive more attention than banner ads
  • Banner ads don't capture attention, even when placed in the feed
  • In-feed native ads are read, not just seen
  • Longer headlines allow for more storytelling and drive higher engagement
  • Descriptive headlines can improve brand perception

Check out the full study, "A Neuroscience Perspective" on Sharethrough's website.

Science Behind Native Advertising - Infographic - Sharethrough - Neuroscience