Consumers Look at Native Ads More Frequently Than Banners

on Data-Driven

Over the last 12 months Sharethrough has run a series of research programs to look at the effectiveness of native ads benchmarked against pre-roll and standard banners.

Native ads vs standard banners (IPG Media Labs Study)

In this research Sharethrough / IPG Media Labs surveyed 4,770 consumers and used the latest eye-tracking technology to assess the attention of 200 consumers to better understand users visual attention and attitudes for native ads vs  standard banner ads.

The key findings from the research were:

  • Consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than standard banner ads
  • 25% more consumers were measured to look at in-feed native ad placements than banner ad units, even when banner ads were placed above the fold and native below.
  • Native ads registered 18% higher lift in purchase intent and 9% lift for brand affinity responses than banner ads
  • 32% of respondents said the native ad “is an ad I would share with a friend of family member” versus just 19% for display ads.

Brand effectiveness of native vs. preroll (Nielsen / Sharethrough)

For this research Sharethrough collaborated with Nielsen to study the comparative brand lift for native video ads vs pre-roll to see which was most effective.

The key findings were:

  • In all 5 campaigns native ads delivered a higher brand lift than pre-roll
  • In all campaigns measured for the case study, pre-roll drove little/no brand lift.
  • Users measured in the case study were more likely to respond to the brand survey negatively after being exposed to the pre-roll creative than the native ads.