Native Creatives People’s Choice Awards Voting Now Open: Meet the Finalists (part 2)

on NATIVE 2016

Voting for the Native Creatives People’s Choice Awards closes TOMORROW (vote here!).

Sharethrough is staging our Native Creative Awards again this year, recognizing creativity and innovation in native advertising.

These awards are held for the purpose of recognizing what is being done with the native format, above the mass of attention native gets in and of itself. Again in 2016, our finalists manage to all clear a high bar for quality, with the work itself displaying a constancy of variety and innovation that defies easy categorization and demands to be taken seriously.

Earlier in the week we profiled the finalists in the first four of our seven categories, and as promised, here is a run through of the finalists in the last three. You have all of the information, so VOTE NOW!

These awards are held for the purpose of recognizing what is being done with the native format, above the mass of attention native gets in and of itself.

Most Pioneering Publishers

Our finalists for Most Pioneering Publisher - CNN, The Verge, The Atlantic, UPROXX and Complex - need little introduction. They’ve all made bold forays into native advertising and establishing new business models to reflect modern media realities. Many of them even have their own state-of-the-art branded content studios, like Vox Creative, Atlantic Re:Think and CNN’s Courageous Studios.

Best Branded Content Hub

The companies recognized in this section have all taken the “brands as publisher” mantle to heart to create meaningful content hubs that go beyond the traditional role of the company blog. Cadillac’s Dare Greatly site stood out for its high-production profiles of feats of daring, Under Armour’s site split the journey to health and wellness down into four content feeds and Starbucks covered off all things coffee. Bank of America’s Better Money Habits site promoted financial savvy, while REI created an indispensable resource for any lover of the great outdoors.

Best Breakthrough Content Experience

As our content feeds explode with video, and reading becomes more important to the process of watching, the once neat line between video and text is becoming increasingly blurred for modern audiences. This new category was created after the Native Creatives entries closed, to reflect how innovative content creators weren’t just limiting themselves to a single medium, but were using whatever tool - video, text, slideshow, 3D graphic, VR simulation, etc. - worked for the story in any given moment. Our finalists defied initial categorization, but were too good to not be acknowledged. Honda and The USA Today’s VR IndyCar simulation is just a taste of what brands might be doing with this new format in five years. T.G.I. Friday’s teamed with Gawker for a piece of work that goes beyond an image, but isn’t quite text, and more memorable than either. Much of the work in this category brought detailed stories to life in many dimensions: The Telegraph and Sky Atlantic intricately weaved video and text together to bring the real story of the Pink Panthers to life to promote the show The Last Panthers; Verizon GO90 and Complex produced an in-depth history of house music; The Atlantic and Athena Health explored the new field of “population health”.