Native Creatives People’s Choice Voting Now Open: Meet the Finalists (part 1)

on NATIVE 2016

Sharethrough is holding its Native Creatives awards again this year, recognizing creativity and innovation in native advertising.

The awards are held to recognize the excellent work being done with the native format. Again in 2016, our finalists all manage to clear a high bar for quality, with the work displaying a constancy of variety and innovation that defies easy categorization and demands to be taken seriously.

Voting for the Native Creatives People’s Choice Awards closes on Friday (vote now!).

For anyone needing a primer before casting their vote, here’s a quick run through of the finalists for the first four or our seven categories.

In 2016, our finalists all manage to clear a high bar for quality, with the work displaying a constancy of variety and innovation that defies easy categorization and demands to be taken seriously.

Best Sponsored Editorial

Our finalists for Best Sponsored Editorial excelled at taking a spark of inspiration from a brand and drawing it out into a piece of vividly-rendered long-form content.

To promote new seasons of TV, the real worlds of two shows were used as inspiration for deeper analysis. In conjunction with the second season of the TV show The Knick (set in the early 1900s), Cinemax and CNN explored political and social issues at the turn of the 20th Century and how the issues of that time relate to what we're still dealing with today. The Wall Street Journal and Netflix partnered to promote the show Narcos with a detailed look at the history of the notorious Medellin cartel.

Nest and Cathay Pacific, with The New York Times and The Atlantic respectively, profiled how the modern home is fueling faster fire risks and the work of a non-profit rebuilding Nepal after the recent earthquake.

Proving that not everything has to be totally serious, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and the The Huffington Post profiled how our names can impact our professional destiny in unlikely ways. (Featuring a weatherman named Storm Field, no less.)

Best Sponsored Video

With a couple of minutes to make an impact, rather than a couple of thousand words, the finalists for Best Sponsored Video all use the real estate they have in memorable and often thought provoking fashion.

Some raised serious questions: FedEx and Mic profiled a young female entrepreneur making plus-sized clothes for women, while The Atlantic and All State broke down the elements of a meaningful life. Some went for laughs, like Gawker's video to promote Difficult People on Hulu featuring a race across New York to ruin first dates, or SB Nation and Gillette’s unlikely workout routine. Humanity's love of cute animals was also represented with Purina’s video of puppies encountering other animals for the first time on The Huffington Post.

Best Sponsored Editorial Series

Our finalists for Best Sponsored Editorial Series draw upon a surprisingly varied range of subjects, broken down in innovative ways.

There were some interesting plays with format in this category. On the website Fatherly, Spotify ran a long series of articles and playlists, inspired by the broad theme of connecting parents and kids through music. Coors Banquet ran a series of graphical how-to guides on Gawker, which included important landmarks like how to properly sing karaoke, cut down a tree and carve meat. (Coors Banquet was also a finalist here for its partnership with UPROXX spotlighting innovative American craftsmen.)

Pivot TV and Mic ran an eye-opening series on privacy issues and big government abuses of power, while Eater and Campbell Soup walked us back through time to look at the surprising origins of some of our favorite meals.

Best Sponsored Video Series


Our Best Sponsored Video Series finalists made content that was both entertaining and engaging on a singular level and combined together in series to paint a broad and interesting picture of the world.

Up for consideration we have series on the humble origins of major sports stars (Powerade and Complex), words that we should all live by (Thought Catalog and YouTube), how to survive in the wilderness with no assistance (Curiosity and The History Channel), the origins of creative inspiration (OnStar and The Verge) and people who have overcome massive adversity (from CNN and Subaru).


(Our cover image is taken from Coors Banquet and Gawker's entry for Best Sponsored Editorial Series.)