Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) Now Powers More Than 1 Billion Direct Sold Native Ads Each Month

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Major new milestone alert: Sharethrough for Publishers is now used to power more than 1 billion direct sold monthly native ad impressions.


This is a milestone that is at the core of our company mission. Sharethrough was founded to help publishers control their own destiny by investing in less interruptive ad formats, which blend into the context of their site and offer audiences better experiences.

It is fulfilling for us as a company to see so many publishers using the SFP platform to direct sell ads with such success, making the best advantage of the two things Facebook and Google will never be able to compete with - their editorial voice and strong publishing brands.

For SFP, this represents 4x growth in direct sold ad impressions across the last 18 months, from publishers using our SFP software to sell in-feed native campaigns directly to brands. In the past twelve months, more than 60 publishers from across USA, Japan, Canada and Europe have sold more than 1 million native ad impressions directly, utilizing their own brand equity and existing sales teams to increase native investments and boost ad revenue.

Sharethrough for Publishers is used by 1200 publishers globally - like Forbes, Rolling Stone and Sky Media - who make their in-feed native ad inventory available to thousands of brands and dozens of DSPs who buy through the Sharethrough Exchange, which now transacts 10 billion impressions each month. Direct sold activity is separate to our exchange and is a reflection of the deep enterprise value of the SFP product, with more than 50 publishers trained and certified in Sharethrough’s native ad sales training program and the opening up of office hours to provide hands on advice for publisher sales and ad ops teams.

“At VICE we view native as important to scale, reach and engage audiences with co-created content. Sharethrough have been an instrumental partner in the development of VICE's native ad suite, helping to create innovative solutions that play a central role in promoting our content initiatives, while integrating seamlessly into the VICE editorial experience,” said Shyam Panchal, Director of Digital Products, VICE.

“Great native ad experiences are important to ensure audiences are excited by and engaged with branded content. Since working with Sharethrough our native ads in international markets have increased 300% in the last year and engagement has increased due to strength of our branded content and its intelligent positioning across CNN’s digital platforms. Sharethrough has ensured a seamless weaving of our branded content placements, which creates a natural viewer experience, and the un-intrusive ads have increased interaction and dwell time with our direct clients,” said Rob Bradley, VP Digital Commercial Strategy, Digital Ad Sales and Data, CNN International Commercial.

Our core SFP offering has also grown significantly in 2017, expanding the range of native monetization tools we offer publishers. We released our new header wrapper solution in June 2017, which allows native and traditional display demand to bid into the same placements while at the same greatly simplifying reporting and allowing publishers to add and remove bidders with one-click. Sharethrough’s own header bidder has seen rapid adoption in 2017, now integrated into more than 100 sites, driving more than $2 million gross ad spend in Q3 alone and seeing win rates around 10x higher than standard bidders.