Changes at Sharethrough: Designing Our Company for a Programmatic-First Future

Two years ago, we bet on programmatic as the path forward for native advertising. That investment is paying off, and programmatic native is the fastest growing part of our business.

Today we are announcing some changes to our team and structure that will allow us to continue to invest in this future and set us up for financial independence, and in the spirit of openness wanted to share the news here with our customers and partners.

Ours is an industry defined by change. As the market has shifted towards header bidding and programmatic, our customers and partners on both sides of our marketplace look to us to help set the roadmap for native advertising. Today’s restructuring is designed to help us execute on our core strategy: to help publishers and marketers make native a meaningful & sustainable portion of their digital media mix with the most advanced native tech designed for scale and performance.

Going forward, we will continue to invest in programmatic growth, focused on technology to scale supply and drive performance through native ads: header bidding, video performance, native rich media and deeper DSP integrations, along with a suite of tools and technology to make buyers and sellers more successful with programmatic native.

We have already made some steps in this direction, and today we are fully committing to this path forward. As a result, we are saying goodbye to some employees who have helped build the company to where it is today. These changes are primarily on our business and operations teams (Marketing, Support, Finance, Human Resources and UK) and a small number of people in other groups. Everyone at Sharethrough gets credit for helping to move the industry in a positive, respectful direction, and I am truly thankful for everyone’s contributions to the company and industry.

I continue to believe in an open internet, and I believe in the importance of independent and accessible content, funded by advertising. I believe that the era of intrusive and disruptive advertising is coming to an end, and that the best times for digital advertising are still ahead.

Dan Greenberg
Founder & CEO