Put A Pixel On It: How Native Ads Help Brands Supercharge Their Facebook Remarketing Strategy

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With Facebook closing FBX and bringing up the walls again on its ad platform, this doesn’t mean your Facebook ad spend now has to live in a vacuum from your other native ad investments through OpenRTB-enabled platforms like Sharethrough.

With smart use of content pixels, we’re seeing brands utilize the strengths of Facebook ads and Sharethrough’s Content Engagement Cards within a single strategy, creating a result far greater than the sum of its digital parts. These pixels help brands create custom audiences of users who engaged with their content on their favorite sites and apps through Sharethrough, and then retarget them through Facebook with lower funnel messaging.

What to Distribute


Making the most of this strategy requires understanding what your goals are for each piece of content you’re promoting and whereabouts in the purchase funnel it will be reaching your audience.

Higher up in the funnel, a brand like Levi's might promote content like this, spotlighting its Denizen Jeans line with an article about spring style and finding the right pair of jeans for your body shape.


Levi's can then draw in on the people who engaged with this content, targeting them with lower-funnel, more focused content like this 30 percent discount shopping offer, designed to spur direct action.


How to Implement It


Brand Sends Facebook Pixel To Sharethrough For Implementation

It is common practice by Facebook advertisers to integrate Facebook Pixels into their owned and operated sites for the purpose of re-marketing.

Sharethrough Appends Pixel To Content Engagement Ad

At Sharethrough's end, we'll attach the Facebook Pixel onto one of our Native Content Cards. When someone engages with the native ad, that will fire the pixel and add them to the brand’s Custom Audience on Facebook, allowing them to later be retargeted to with a lower funnel message.

Sharethrough Shares Unique URLs With Advertiser For Retargeting

Each Sharethrough Native Content Card is hosted under a unique URL. Using those URLs, the brand can build Facebook Custom Audiences composed of users that have been exposed to the ad. The brand can then retarget the pixeled consumer on Facebook with a lower-funnel message.