Sharethrough and Storygize Integration Will Help Marketers Drive Greater ROI With Native Advertising

on Sharethrough News

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Sharethrough Exchange and Storygize’s full-service native advertising platform for B2B and B2C brands, to create mutual growth opportunities by helping more marketers reach new customers through the effective pairing of content marketing and high-impact native advertising.

Sharethrough’s Exchange (STX) allows third-party media buyers to purchase in-feed native video and display placements across thousands of premium sites and apps, an offering which is further enhanced by Storygize’s unique combination of demand side content strategy, targeting and optimization capabilities.

Why Sharethrough?

The Sharethrough Exchange is the industry's largest programmatic native advertising exchange, serving over 4.5 billion impressions each month and reaching up to 285 million viewers through its relationships with over 300 publishers, serving 1200+ premium sites. Sharethrough enables marketers to purchase in-feed placements on top-tier publishers, through their relationships with leading media brands. They help publishers manage their complete native ad strategies, including direct sales and execution, yield management, and network optimization.

Why Storygize?

Storygize is a full-service native advertising solution that helps B2B and B2C brands maximize the business value of their content. They work closely with marketers across all major business verticals to effectively pair content assets with native campaign strategies, and take a hands-on approach to managing campaign delivery, utilizing their specialized native demand side platform (nDSP).

A Truly Effective Combination

This new partnership represents an ever-growing opportunity to bring even more brands into native advertising. Specifically, the partnership will help bridge a gap for marketers who may have tried native advertising before, but are yet to crack the code and scale their investment.

By bringing together quality native ad inventory and advanced targeting and optimization capabilities, we can help more brands achieve even greater ROI from their content marketing by utilizing native advertising to promote it.

“Consumers are fed up with disruptive ads, and there’s no question that branded content and native advertising is the future. Sharethrough offers the ultimate native ad exchange. We’re thrilled to offer our clients the quality publishers and extended audience reach that our new partnership provides.”

Storygize CEO David Osman.