New Integration Between Sharethrough And The BrightRoll DSP From Yahoo Is Further Evidence Of The Growth And Momentum Behind Programmatic Native

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We’re excited today to announce that we have integrated with the BrightRoll DSP from Yahoo as a demand source for programmatic native advertising on the Sharethrough Exchange. Advertisers turn to the BrightRoll DSP for omnichannel digital advertising, and now they can extend their reach to native display placements with supply from Sharethrough.

The BrightRoll DSP is media-agnostic and provides exclusive access to Yahoo’s wealth of data and insights from one billion users and 165 billion daily data events. BrightRoll’s advanced programmatic technology, coupled with flexible client-service options, empowers advertisers to deliver against complex branding and performance goals.

As a new supply partner, Sharethrough has been specifically selected. BrightRoll advertisers will be able to easily scale high-impact native display placements through the Sharethrough Exchange, reaching 196 million unique browsers in the US alone with a premium publisher network of over 1200 sites and apps.

"Native ads can deliver higher ROI for advertisers and publishers while making the ad experience seamless for users - a true win-win-win. As a leader in native advertising, Sharethrough has built a programmatic marketplace of inventory that we can count on to perform and scale," said Greg MacDonald, Senior Director of Programmatic Supply at Yahoo.

This new integration continues the ongoing rise of programmatic native

We started 2016 with just a few DSPs integrated into the Sharethrough Exchange and within 18 months we’ve completed integrations with almost every top-tier DSP. The scale we’ve seen with new third-party demand sources integrating with the Sharethrough Exchange, echoes the industry wide enthusiasm about the new opportunity programmatic native offers. eMarketer - in its first ever native advertising report published in March - predicted native ad spend would increase 75 percent between 2016 and 2018, from $16.21 billion to $28.24 billion. What’s more, an increasing amount of buyers have become more socialized to the experience of buying this way - eMarketer cites a report from Advertiser Perceptions, which said that almost half of all marketers have now utilized buying non-social programmatic native. eMarketer estimates that much of this extra $12 billion in funding across the next two years will come from buyers transitioning traditional digital display, print and TV budgets across to native, but that there also will be a “healthy portion” of new digital advertising investment coming from budgets created specifically for native.

What we’ve seen that is perhaps the most exciting in this trend, is that as we’ve opened up new demand sources, third party buying activity has increased in lockstep. RTB demand on the Sharethrough Exchange increased 1300 percent in 2016 and Q1 2017 was up 620 percent year-over-year.

Within our growing programmatic capabilities, native outstream video - auto-playing inside a publisher feed within a standard native display unit, accompanied by a headline - has been a huge focus for us in 2017. We’ve completed programmatic native video integrations with the Trade Desk, StrikeAd by Sizmek and Adelphic, with a handful of new partners set to come online in the next couple of months. Through our managed service alone, demand for native outstream video rose 500 percent in 2016 and as we’ve expanded demand sources for it in 2017, we’ve seen major growth for it again, with demand up over 300 percent year-over-year for the first four months of 2017. We’re seeing great results with native outstream video, which returns CTRs 40 percent higher than native display, which in itself, return CTRs on the Sharethrough platform many times higher than industry standards.

So by combining the headline and description text of the native ad with a visually engaging video asset, we’ve been able to make the most effective digital ad unit, even more effective again.

What we’re seeing in our own growth is strong proof that there’s a lot of life outside of the much talked about Facebook and Google duopoly. With the dominance of major social platforms, understandably social native spend accounts for a large part of the overall market (84.2 percent in 2017, according to eMarketer). However eMarketer projects strong growth for non-social native, expected to grow from $3.5 billion in spend in 2017 to $5 billion in 2018 and increasing its overall native market share, from 15.8 percent in 2017, to 17.8 percent in 2018.

In two years, we’ve taken programmatic native from being a set of standards and a concept, to the full realization of the Sharethrough Exchange, with 4.5 billion monthly impressions and reaching 80 percent of the US population. Sharethrough’s publisher clients are some of the most influential publishers in the world, generally placing within the top 20 percent on the MOZ Domain Authority Scoring System.

We’re proud of all the work that has gone into getting the Sharethrough Exchange to where it is today. This new Brightroll integration is another step, with many to come, taking us toward an even more exciting future.