The Sharethrough Exchange Integrates With Google's DBM: Bringing Together The Industry's Largest Native SSP With One of The Most Widely Used DSPs

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We’re excited today to announce a new integration today between the Sharethrough Exchange and Google’s Doubleclick Bid Manager, bringing together the largest Native SSP and one of the industry’s leading and most widely used DSPs; making it easier than ever for brands to invest in programmatic native advertising at scale from the same platform where they’re doing their other programmatic media buying.

Our new integration with Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM) currently supports native display as well as single-buyer custom native Preferred Deals and Private Auctions. We see huge potential in this integration. DoubleClick customers will now be able to buy in-feed display placements across more than 1200 mobile apps and sites on the Sharethrough Exchange from inside the DBM platform.

DBM is another in a long line of major DSP integrations we’ve completed in 2017, further indication of the sustained growth and momentum we’re seeing behind programmatic native. We started 2016 with just a few DSPs integrated into the Sharethrough Exchange and within 18 months we’ve completed integrations with almost every top-tier DSP. As we’ve opened up new demand sources, third-party buying activity has increased in lockstep. RTB demand on the Sharethrough Exchange increased 13x percent in 2016 and is up 10x year-over-year in 2017. We see consistently great results for native display ads, which return CTRs on the Sharethrough platform roughly 9x higher many times higher than standard digital ad benchmarks.

In two years, we’ve taken programmatic native from being a set of standards and a concept, to the full realization of the Sharethrough Exchange, with 7 billion monthly impressions, reaching more than 80 percent of the US population. Sharethrough’s publisher clients are some of the most influential publishers in the world, generally placing within the top 20 percent on the MOZ Domain Authority Scoring System.

We see our DBM integration as an especially exciting new step on programmatic native’s growth path, with many more to come.