Sharethrough Now Enables Publishers To Automate Sponsored Content Promotion

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Continuous Campaigns - Sharethrough for Publishers

At the NATIVE 2015 conference today Sharethrough announced a new feature to its supply side platform that allows publishers to create an always-on promotion of sponsored content.

Forbes BrandVoice is the first sponsored content platform to adopt the new technology, called Continuous Campaigns.

For publications taking advantage of new revenue streams through native advertising, sponsored content and the in-feed content promotion of the content can be a lucrative opportunity.

“Since 2010, when we launched BrandVoice, nearly 100 partners have published thought leadership content on, "said Ann Marinovich, VP of Advertising Product & Strategy at Forbes. "With the addition of Sharethrough For Publisher’s Continuous Campaigns, we can quickly and efficiently create and traffic native ads to promote that content.”

Brands are creating more content in more places than ever before. BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti has gone as far as labeling the movement "distributed publishing."

Much of that distributed content is coming through publisher programs like Forbes BrandVoice that allow brands to build large sponsored content libraries on a publication.

With 55% of B2B organizations planning to increase content marketing spend over the next 12 months, it has become imperative that brands have a way to easily surface all of their content. Promoted placements on publisher sites publication are one of the best ways to reach a highly engaged audience through content.

“Our publishers have built massive sponsored content programs that are becoming harder to manage without updated technology," said Curt Larson, VP of product at Sharethrough. "Continuous Campaigns was built to help brands and publishers find the best, freshest gems among all the diverse content being produced and reduce the complexity of transitioning from creation to promotion."

Continuous Campaigns will create new sales opportunities for publishers looking to scale their native advertising programs while adding efficiency to brands taking advantage of content marketing.

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