New Sharethrough and StrikeAd Integration Makes It Even Easier For Mobile Ad Buyers To Scale Their Native Ad Investments

on Mobile, Native Video, Programmatic Native

We're excited today to announce today that Sharethrough has integrated with the world's first mobile-specific DSP, StrikeAd by Sizmek. It's a great match: the industry's oldest and largest native advertising supply side platform, with StrikeAd’s intuitive, global, mobile-first tools. For mobile ad buyers, this new integration will make it easier than ever before for them to scale their native advertising investments.



This new integration will allow trading desks and media buyers who use StrikeAd’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) to access massive audiences with in-feed placements across mobile apps and sites on the Sharethrough Exchange, through StrikeAd's intuitive and flexible platform. This move combines StrikeAd’s custom mobile API’s, award-winning optimization engine and support with Sharethrough's network of premium publishers. The integrations will run off the IAB's OpenRTB 2.3 spec that standardized the component parts for the real time trading of native ads. The integration is live for mobile native display buyers, with additional formats like native video support coming up next. Native video is forecast to be a massive driver of growth in native advertising in 2017.

StrikeAd works with some of the largest media buyers and brands in the world, offering global scale for mobile inventory across the industry and helping them integrate data seamlessly into their campaigns to reach new audiences with a range of dynamic targeting options.

“With StrikeAd’s global exposure, we see tremendous value in expanding our supply side integrations, especially around native formats for mobile devices, which have shown and will continue to show high engagement rates and return on ad spend,” said Gil Rachlin, VP, Products and Engineering at Sizmek. “Sharethrough provides the premium inventory at scale that StrikeAd’s clients demand as part of the increasing portion of mobile strategies in their media plans that require more sophisticated optimization.”

In 2016, Sharethrough roughly doubled native ad buying through its platform, reporting $140 million in gross spend. According to Business Insider Intelligence, the native advertising market is forecasted to grow by over $4 billion in 2017, surpassing $20 billion for the first time. The Sharethrough Exchange transacts 4.5 billion impressions each month, with over three-quarters of those on mobile devices, working with over 1,100 premium publishers: household names such as Time Inc, Turner Digital (CNN) and Wenner Media, as well as app properties such as ABC News, Under Armour and Rotten Tomatoes.

For Sharethrough, integrations like this are crucial to sustaining the momentum the industry has around native, both validating of native’s growth and providing further market liquidity to fuel the ecosystem. StrikeAd implicitly understands the personal, intimate interface of a customer’s mobile device and gives buyers the ability to execute great mobile campaigns at scale.