The 8 Official Mobile Native Ad Types Have Arrived

on Mobile

Now that native advertising is a $21 billion industry, it's time to get specific and define what we're actually talking about.

A new set of guidelines will give native advertising some much-needed direction — and definition.

The guidelines, called The Mobile Native Ad Formats, come from the Mobile Marketing Association, the leading global non-profit trade group for mobile marketing.

The Mobile Native Ad Formats answers burning questions like "What is native advertising?" and "How do native ads work?" and goes through a new set of eight clearly-defined mobile native ad formats.

The eight official new mobile native ad formats are:
• In-feed (social)
• In-feed (content)
• In-feed (commerce)
• In-map
• In-game
• Paid search
• Recommendation widgets
• Custom

The MMA worked closely with native advertising leaders such as Sharethrough to categorize the formats.

For the full report with a deep dive on each format, download The Mobile Native Ad Formats guide from the MMA.