This Week in Native: Billions Of Ad Dollars Are At Stake + The Best Branded Content

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This Week in Native features four interesting articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting stat each week.

Why content is the new currency of the digital media economy

Changes are brewing in the media industry as tech continues to disrupt...well, everything.

The deal is that everyone is battling for your attention (guilty!).

And the glue holding it all together is content. And everyone is creating a lot of it (guilty!).

Publishers are figuring out advertising while advertisers figure out publishing and there are a lot of future ad dollars at stake for the winners.

Native advertising grows despite concerns (Infographic)

Native advertising is growing fast, but it is still only 5% of marketers' spend.

That's the news as reported in an Adweek infographic, created with data from the Association of National Advertisers and other partners to showcase how marketers feel about native ads.

It clarifies who is responsible for creating the ad, where dollars are going, and what metrics to use to measure success.

The most interesting bit? The average time spent on B2B content is 4 minutes.

Facebook Developing Standards To Make Sure Its Ads Are Seen

When Wendy's, the burger chain, sees headlines that say only 25-50% of ads online are seen, it doesn't make the brand want to jump head first into digital. Luckily, Facebook is the next advertiser to take a major step forward in coming clean on its impressions.

The standards to be enforced? Over 50% of the ad pixels showing in an active browser window with the ad appeaing for at least one second.

Standards for mobile and in-feed ads are still being created and a draft of the mobile viewability standards are expected in Q4 of 2015.

What's the must-have component of native advertising?

Spoiler alert – native ads must be contextually relevant to the content in the feeds they are promoted.

A new study from the Association of National Advertisers shows that 96% of respondents felt the context was important and 63% deemed it very important.

Marketers also weighed in on disclosure and other key controversial aspects of native.

Brand Content Of The Week: How Jesus came up with the craziest ad stunt in history

1One Production worked with agency Lg2 to create a very entertaining video that changes history.

Stat Of The Week: Brands will nearly double marketing data budgets while tripling mobile ad spend in 3 years

A new study reveals some interesting numbers from a CMO survey conducted by Duke University.