This Week in Native: BuzzFeed Has A New Content Strategy (And You'll Never Guess What Happens Next)

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Every week, we feature four articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat.

This week in native...

BuzzFeed is everywhere, Yahoo released new native ad research and a group of top publishers have formed a programmatic alliance.

BuzzFeed Is Omnipresent On Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

BuzzFeed's latest vision: who needs a website?

While most sites are concerned with traffic coming in, BuzzFeed is more concerned with engaging its audience wherever they are. pulls in an impressive 200 million visitors each month, but collects a whopping 18.5 billion impressions on social media.

This is important for anyone that creates content, including brands, agencies, publishers, and even people. For BuzzFeed, which has been the Internet publisher success story that everyone seems to point to, it's not about where your content lives, it's about getting in front of people.

Yahoo Research Shows Native Ads Drive Brand Lift

Native Ads Drive 3.6X Lift In Branded Search Vs. Conventional Display

Yahoo announced new research about the impact of native ads.

Key stats from the report include:
• 60% of consumers feel positive about the format
• Effective native ad integrations see 3 times more attention than non-native mobile ads

One interesting tidbit comes from Marketing Land writer Greg Sterling, who shared his thoughts on the news about the native format:

In contrast to my suspicions about native ad success being about consumer confusion or “deception,” Yahoo says that increased transparency about sponsored content actually improves performance, assuming contextual relevance.

The Guardian Forms Programmatic Publisher Collective Called Pangea

News Publishers Form Programmatic Advertising Alliance

The Guardian, CNN International, The Financial Times, Reuters and The Economist have formed an advertising alliance to offer marketers the ability to buy automated, programmatic ads through a private marketplace.

Private marketplaces ensure higher quality ads and allow advertisers and publishers to automate the buying process and increase audience targeting features.

Nike and Complex partner for an Airmax sneaker rewind

Brand Content of The Week: Nike Airmax Rewind

Nike and Complex partnered in a multimedia-rich sponsored story about the history of Nike's Airmax sneaker.

This is a beautiful piece for sneaker heads that shows a visual timeline of the evolution of the Airmax, just in time for the release of the newest sneaker.

Stat of the week: 24%

Twenty-four percent more brands placed native ads in December 2014 than July (851 brands versus 688), according to data from MediaRadar, which analyzes the number of brands, verticals, and types of publishers in its Native Advertising Index.