This Week in Native: Is Your DSP Ready For Programmatic Native? Plus, See Why Everyone's Talking About Facebook's Instant Articles

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This week in native...

We're waiting for the programmatic native tipping point, Facebook's Instant Articles brings newfound speed and design to publishing, two-cent video views on Snapchat...oh, and you might have heard: Verizon bought AOL. Keep scrolling! This week's brand content may give you a brain freeze.

Demanding More From DSPs And Publishers On Native Adoption

Mobile, social, video and TV are all traded through OpenRTB, but native is still waiting on the sidelines despite the release of OpenRTB 2.3. Many Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), software for buying ads across exchanges, are waiting to integrate native because the scale isn't there yet, but on the other side, suppliers who create scale are waiting for the demand, which needs to come through the DSPs. Typical chicken and egg scenario.

This article discusses the challenges to adoption and how every player in the ecosystem can help drive adoption. As soon the technology and standards are implemented, programmatic native will hit its tipping point.

For Users, Instant Articles Are Instant Awesomeness

Facebook launched a new product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Publishers can still sell their own ads and retain 100% of the revenue or fill inventory with Facebook's Audience Network for a 70% cut. ComScore will count visits to Instant Articles as part of a publisher's audience numbers.

For users, this new experience is similar to Snapchat Discover. It leverages fun smartphone features like swiping, tilting and pulling. The content is more engaging and loads 10x faster than regular articles.

Video Ads On Snapchat for Two Cents Per View

Snapchat announced 10 second ads that cost 2 cents per view. Publishers such as Daily Mail are standing by to help create those snaps.

Snapchat has been pushing the envelope of collaboration with publishers. For publishers, custom content is more native to the experience and can drive higher engagement rate. For advertisers, new formats for pennies on the view will be interesting. And for users, they will benefit from the custom, native content rather than traditional formats shoehorned into a new format.

Verizon Makes A Play For Adtech With Acquiring AOL

Verizon is expanding into adtech by paying $4.4B for AOL in a move that positions the cellular giant against Google and Facebook.

With Verizon's connection to customers and AOL's expertise and technology in mobile, video and TV ad sales, the purchase may help Verizon compete with Yahoo for the third biggest adtech company.

What does AOL get out of the deal? Besides money, it will benefit from Verizon's treasure trove of customer data.

Slurpee All Access Chill

Brand Content of The Week: Slurpee

7-Eleven partnered with Complex and agency of record T3 to provide Slurpee with a content platform aimed at reaching Millennials. Complex's Scott Rosman offered insight into why the "Slurpee All Access Chill" content strategy made sense:

"7-Eleven understands that you have to be dynamic in your marketing approach to Millennials and utilizing content is core to that approach since it drives more engagement with consumers than traditional advertising," Rosman explained to me.

native stat of the week

Native Stat of the Week: 257%

A 4Info and Nielsen Catalina study found that mobile campaigns drive a 257% return on ad spend compared to desktop.