This Week In Native: Metrics To Measure With And An Infographic With Best Practices

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Every week, we feature four articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat.

This week in native...

Marketers are still looking at the same metrics, Yahoo shares data on native ads and joins the autoplay movement, Facebook switches up what you'll see in your feed, everyone loves cat videos, and native advertising as an important development in mobile advertising.

Native Advertising Measurement Is All Over The Map

Wall Street Journal's CMO Today presented how marketers measure native ads. The results are in and brand lift is the most important metric to measure the impact of native advertising.

It is interesting to see that brand lift, click-throughs and social media sharing are most important to marketers since these are standard metrics for any digital advertising campaign. Native needs a new set of metrics that help marketers understand the depth of engagement with brand content rather than the same old vanity metrics.

Infographic: The Native Advertising Frontier

Yahoo released an infographic this week with research and best practices for native advertising. The infographic shows that advertisers, publishers and consumers are on board with the ad format, with 60% of consumers expressing a positive impression of native ads.

The best practices are great for brands and publishers alike for understanding what appeals to consumers, including integration with organic content, being transparent in the ad and providing value to readers.

Facebook Will Prioritize Friends' Posts Over Content From Publishers

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is making another tweak to their algorithm. Now you'll see more of your friends' posts and fewer posts from businesses, brands and publications.

This should be an improved experience for users, but for brands and publishers, the free ride is over for good. They will need to buy more ads to get content in front of users...or, find another way.

Yahoo Launches Native Video And Video App Install Ads

Staying true to its MaVeNS strategy (Mobile Video Native and Social), Yahoo launched native video ads and video app install ads. The native video ads will autoplay on Yahoo's home page, digital magazines and mobile apps. An advertiser is charged and a view is counted after three seconds of play on mute.

Autoplay is not a new format, but it has quietly taken over all of our feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others have already adopted the format.

For brands, it is important create engaging content that captures attention beyond three seconds and encourages users to click for sound.

For publishers, social feeds started this trend, so should a publication let video autoplay in their feeds as well? Personally, I wouldn't mind - three seconds of soundless video gives me a preview to decide whether or not to click for more.

Brand Content Of The Week: Purina's 'Dear Kitten' Video Series

Marketing Land shares insight into Purina's bold advertising strategy and how Purina challenges their partners to deliver creative content. Check out the article for some amazing cat videos and LOLs.

Stat Of The Week: 80%

The IAB interviewed mobile marketers and found out that 80% believe mobile native advertising is either somewhat important or very important as a development in mobile advertising.