This Week in Native: Redefining Success And The Waning Of Clickthrough Rate

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Every week, we feature four interesting articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat.

This week in native...

Contently explores the difference –or lack thereof–between sponsored content and programmatic native and Digiday discusses improved metrics to measure content. Meanwhile, LinkedIn expanded its advertising program and much, much more!


Sponsored Content Is Becoming Programmatic, But Can Programmatic Ever Truly Be Native?

This week the debate heated up over custom, expensive, sponsored content vs. automated, scalable, native ads.

Ad technology enables the ability to turn your programmatic buys into native ads. This becomes even more true with the release of OpenRTB 2.3.


Metrics For Success In Native Ads

Online ads are measured by impressions (number of times ad is shown), clicks on the ad and clickthrough (number of times ad is clicked divided by number of times ad is shown).

With native, the metrics are changing. With a focus on content and reading, native needs a different set of measurements.

Focus, attention and content engagement are all important to measure. and new standard metrics are on the way.


LinkedIn Expands Ads With New Display Network

LinkedIn is now offering the ability to reach outside of the business social network.

Similar to Facebook's Audience Network, LinkedIn can use platform data to reach users on the rest of the Internet.

This continues to be a great native ad opportunity for B2B advertisers and enables LinkedIn to expand reach to more of the sales funnel.

Billboard and Hollywood Reporter Create Brand Studios

Publications from Huffington Post to publishers like Conde Nast are more and more building content studios to accomodate the demand for custom, creative brand advertisements.

These studios usher in a new era of innovation, but can be controversial because they blur the line between editorial and paid content. How the editorial team is involved, if at all, differs from publication to publication.

Whether it is paid or unpaid, people love to be entertained, informed, educated and inspired.

Wall Street Journal captured headlines this week when it was reported that Spike Lee is joining Complex to advise on video ads. Now, those are some videos I'd be interested in watching!

###[Brand Content Of The Week: Imagine Dragons - Live]( Target did something clever with its Oscar ad buy.

The big box retailer purchased four minutes of CBS airspace during the Oscar telecast at around $8 million and had rock band Imagine Dragons perform an entire song, live.

The seamless integration made it appear as if it were a performance and not a commercial. Lines blurred? You be the judge. (Keep an eye out for the native-looking pre-roll ad before the ad. #Mindblown)

Stat Of The Week: 70% Of Individuals Want To Learn About Products From Content Not Ads

Travel brand Starwood Hawaii dishes on going native, explaining how it used native advertising to grow.