This Week in Native: Periscope Is The New Meerkat And Big Brands Are Already On Board

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This week in native...

How do publishers monetize from different types of native ads? We've got research on how mobile ads can influence your subconscious, L'Oreal's digital transformation, plus: Periscope, the hottest app in town.

Publisher's Native Ad Revenue Stack

The Native Revenue Stack

Publishers are beginning to build a native advertising revenue stack as a way to maximize yield and quality. The native stack includes three types of native ads: direct sponsored, direct brand owned and third party.

For advertisers, it is helpful to understand that not all native ads are created equal; existing content can be turned into a native ad on a favorite publisher partner's site.

Mobile Advertising From Behind The Eyes

Mobile Advertising From Behind The Eyes

The Center For Media Research this week analyzed a recent study on how the brain reacts to mobile ads.

"Unlike conventional mobile measurement, which evaluates a consumer's conscious reactions to ads, neuroscience taps into the brain’s subconscious reactions as well," Jack Loechner writes in MediaPost.

Brands and agencies can leverage this research to understand how users process mobile ads. Because users read native ads, it is important to select the right context words to motivate users on a subconscious level.

Four Ways Brands Are Using Twitter's Periscope App

Four Ways Brands Are Using Twitter's Periscope App

Periscope, a live video streaming app just purchased by Twitter, launched this week and everyone is flocking.

Red Bull, HBO and Mountain Dew are among the top brands already experimenting with the app. Publishers such as NBC's Today Show, Huffington Post, Vox and USA Today have also been streaming.

The ease of mobile live streaming, whether it's through Periscope or competitor Meerkat, will be great for showing behind-the-scenes footage of performances and events.

L'Oreal's Transforming How It Reaches Consumers

L'Oreal's New Chief Digital Officer Plans To Transform How The Brand Reaches Consumers

Lubomira Rochet is tasked with L'Oreal's digital transformation and programmatic buying is one area she's looking into.

"That includes looking at whether to bring programmatic buying in-house, as rival Procter & Gamble & Co. has done in the U.S.; use a single-client unit within one of its media agencies, as Unilever has done with Mindshare in the U.S.; or leave everything with outside agencies," writes Jack Neff in AdAge.

Using technology to automate marketing and advertising will create a big shift in the way brands communicate to consumers.

Advertisers should always be testing and evaluate new tech, looking to streamline the buying process and free up time for deeper dives into strategy and creative.

Brand Content of the Week: Band Together

Tiffany and New York Magazine partnered together in Band Together: How an Artful Engagement Ring Can Inspire Your Wedding. NY Mag talks to Bronson Van Wyck, who has planned events for the Clintons and Beyonce.

Stat of the Week: 62%

This infographic in AdWeek showcases that 62% of Millenials say the number one reason why they follow a brand is for exclusive deals.