This Week in Native: What's Up With Snapchat's New Ads + The Design Trend Transforming The Web

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This week in native...

Learn how sites have redesigned with cards, see new ad formats from Snapchat and Google, and learn what media publishers have to lose if they housed operations on a platform like Facebook.

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How Cards Are Quietly Transforming The Web

It's hard not to notice that our experiences on the web are constantly changing.

Card UI is a new design style that has the ability to transform our experience on the web.

Why? Cards design delivers a better user experience for consuming content—they're scannable, information-rich content containers that you can flip through and interact with.

This article highlights the innovative leaders designing in cards, up-and-comers testing the waters, and those falling behind.

We recently wrote about cards in the post "Meet The Fifth Wave Of The Web."

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Snapchat's New Ads

Snapchat's new Discover is a collection of video channels from some of the top names in news and entertainment.

AdAge explores a first of its kind ad from Victoria's Secret, as shown on the People Magazine channel.

"Ads can be shown as readers swipe between stories, and publishers are responsible for selling the inventory. They split a part of the revenue with Snapchat," AdAge reports.

Both the stories and the ads are designed specifically for Snapchat, which means the content is more creative, engaging, and fun, but also short lived.

Hard to amplify content that lives only for a day.

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Google Gets Into Native With In-Game Ads

Google recently announced new features for developers including support for native ads.

The tool will allow devs to customize the ads to ensure the visuals match the form and function of each game.

It's late in the game for Google to jump into native, but it validates what many native ad companies are already doing on mobile and in games.

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Media Companies Are Already Publishing on Platforms

Content publishers, i.e. blogs and news sites, and platforms, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, have a history of being frenemies.

In a battle for something in limited supply – user attention and data – Facebook is rumored to be discussing ways that publications could ditch their website and run entirely on Facebook.

Publishers fear losing user data and control, but want–scratch that, need–to be where the people are.

Brand Content of The Week: GEICO Says You Can't Skip These Ads

Geico partnered with The Martin Agency to create a series of unskippable, pre-roll video ads that hilariously make fun of that you can't skip them.

Stat Of The Week: 70% Of Marketers Plan To Increase Their Use Of Original Visual Assets in 2015

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