This Week in Native: The 27 Hottest AdTech Startups Ranked, Plus Why Native Video Ads Are Heating Up

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This week in native...

Find out which pre-IPO adtech startups Business Insider is putting on its hotlist (Sharethrough made the rankings), plus: video, video, video. Social and mobile video growth is exploding as more people watch Twitter videos and Pinterest launches Cinematic Pins.

Sharethrough is one of the hottest pre-IPO adtech companies right now, according to Business Insider

Sharethrough Lands A Spot On Business Insider's List Of Hottest Pre-IPO Adtech Startups

Three of this year's hottest adtech startups are native ad companies and there are plenty of video and programmatic companies to keep an eye on.

For marketers, it can seem risky to put budget towards new advertising. However, with Business Insider's hotlist, you can mitigate some of that risk and be a leader in cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

90% of Twitter's Video Views Happen On Mobile

Twitter released an infographic with data on how users consume video on Twitter, which shows that 70% of users watch videos from their smartphone or tablet feeds.

For publishers and brands, it is important to understand how to engage with users in 'discovery' mode and how to offer value to consumers.

Native Video

Consumers Are Hot On Video And It Is Easier Than Ever For Brands To Create Videos

Like Twitter, Facebook is another hot spot to discover videos. Our smartphones have made it easy for anyone, including businesses and marketers, to snap a video and post to audiences.

Take advantage of native video features on every platform, from Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to Sharethrough — it's easy to post videos and measure success to inform your traditional media buys.

Pinterest Tries Out Video With Cinematic Pins

Pinterest's Take On Video Ads: The Cinematic Pin

While many social and advertising platforms are investing in autoplay video, Pinterest is putting its own spin on the idea with Cinematic Pins: pins that animate only when you interact. The experience of seeing a pin come alive only when you scroll feels very native and engaging.

The challenge for marketers with so many new, unique buying platforms is that repurposing existing creative — such as TV or YouTube ads — becomes less and less of an option. Each platform demands custom content to fit the audience and format. For Pinterest advertisers, there's the Pin Factory: a place where brands get guidance on building out custom pins.

GE's World In Motion Sponsorship With Quartz Is The Content Hub of All Content Hubs

Brand Content of The Week: GE's World In Motion

GE Partnered with Quartz to create an interactive hub for all of the brand's content hubs. It incorporates GE-created social media, articles, infographics and slideshows.

Native Stat of The Week: 90%

Almost all new mothers are Millennials and they have different consumer behaviors than their parents. Jeff Fromm, who wrote Millennials With Kids, recently told Mashable, "Millennial shoppers typically look for four things in brands, all else being equal: authenticity, meaningfulness, uniqueness and innovation."