This Week in Native: The Cost Of Clickbait + Vox Media Gets $200 Million Investment

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Is clickbait in the click of the beholder? Plus: Google restructures and gets a new CEO, Facebook Audience network gets new ad formats and Vox gets a new investment from NBC.

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The True Cost Of Clickbait

Certain headlines will drive clicks, but if readers are disappointed, a publisher can quickly lose trust.

Publishers know the dangers of bringing in pageviews that don't generate significant time on site, but some still result to short term gains, relying on questionable content recommendation widgets.

Brands also know that if they don't deliver on a promise, in a headline or anywhere, disappointment is multiplied. Users are learning to avoid clickbait and demand a higher bar for quality content without a side of deception.

Google Restructures With New CEO Sundar Pichai

In the biggest news of last week, Google is restructuring with a new name: Alphabet. Larry and Sergey will continue to lead Alphabet, a holding company for Google and other Google-owned businesses like Nest. Sundar Pichai will lead Google as the new CEO. New York Times reported a breakdown of how the business units shake out:

What Will Be Separated Under Alphabet?

  • Google
  • Calico, an anti-aging biotech company
  • Sidewalk, a company focused on smart cities
  • Nest, a maker of Internet-connected devices for the home
  • Fiber, high-speed Internet service in a number of American cities
  • Investment arms, such as Google Ventures and Google Capital
  • Incubator projects, such as Google X, which is developing self-driving cars and delivery drones

What Will Remain Part of Google?

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Maps
  • YouTube, the video service
  • Android, the company‚Äôs mobile operating system

Facebook Brings New Ad Formats To Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is the network of non-Facebook apps that serve ads from Facebook. It is similar to Google's Display Network. This week, Facebook expanded the ad formats available, including native video (ads that autoplay in-feed), click-to-play video, carousel ads and dynamic product ads.

This allows Facebook to show more ads outside of Facebook using all the personal data it has collected on users. This may lead to fewer ads directly on Facebook over time.

For marketers already familiar with buying on Facebook, it is easy to extend reach outside of Facebook. Yet, quality of sites and and ad performance will reveal how FAN stacks up against other networks.

NBC Bets Big On Native Advertising With Major Media Investments

As the media landscape shifts, NBC plans to move with it. This week NBC invested $200M in Vox Media and plans to invest $200M in BuzzFeed.

Both BuzzFeed and Vox are new media companies that have built their online publications in the digital age. BuzzFeed, for its part, has done away with banner ads, relying entirely on native ad revenue.

###Brand Content Of The Week: The First Wireless Bungee Jump And Ikea Ikea promotes its wireless charging station with a page out of the Red Bull marketing playbook.

Native Stat Of The Week: 308X reveals that reading a native ad yields 308x more time of consumer attention than processing a banner ad, recommending native over banners if you want users to read your message and spend time with your brand.