This Week in Native: Facebook Expands Native Ads And Furthers Attempts To Woo Publishers

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This week in native...

Facebook's F8 conference brings new features for advertisers and publishers, BuzzFeed is too damn good at creating shareable content, plus some predictions for branded content.

Facebook Announced Native Support With Liverail

Facebook Expands LiveRail To Support More Than Just Video Ads

LiveRail, an ad-tech startup acquired by Facebook's in 2014, powers video ads for publishers and will now power display and native ads. This expands Facebook's offering for publishers, enabling publishers to have greater control, efficiency, and yield.

This enhances Facebook's ecosystem, putting the social network in a direct battle with Google and Twitter's MoPub. As Facebook adds more ad products and features, advertisers and publishers have the opportunity to reach their goals with fewer platforms.

Facebook is rumored to be in talks with publishers like BuzzFeed and The New York Times about a possible revenue sharing strategy

Will Publishers Host Content Directly on Facebook?

WSJ's CMO Today writes that Facebook is getting traction with publishers from BuzzFeed to the New York Times in a deal to host publisher content directly on Facebook.

Since content sites already see significant traffic from Facebook, it seems straightforward to host articles on-network instead of off.

But publishers aren't sure whether they can trust Facebook, concerned about less control and access to user data. The strategy is still hush hush, but Snapchat's early success with its Discover platform could lead the way for more advertiser and publisher collaborations.

BuzzFeed is trying to prove the success of native ads

Inside BuzzFeed's Plan To Prove Native Ads Work

Do more shares amount to more sales? BuzzFeed is on a mission to prove it might.

Native ads are commonly understand to contribute to brand lift and social engagement, but digital advertising has always been held to a higher standard than its traditional media counterpart.

Part of that is because of all the data that comes with digitial, which BuzzFeed is hoping to leverage in an attempt to prove real-life ROI – like buying a Toyota after seeing a Toyota ad. A Toyota ad made by BuzzFeed of course.

Shaping The Future of Branded Content

Ten Trends Shaping The Future of Branded Content

Twitter's head of content planning shared her predictions for the future of sponsored content this week.

Overall she predicts more live content (Meerkat anyone?), more personalized content at scale and more data-driven content strategies.

Brands can leverage her predictions to get ahead of content strategies for 2015.

Brand Content of The Week: Clean & Clear's See The Real Me

Clean & Clear created a YouTube series titled See The Real Me and accompanied it with a behind-the-scenes look at how its team planned, produced and launched the series.

53% of marketers say that content marketing is hard due to a lack of resources

Stat of the Week: 53%

Why is content marketing so hard?

eMarketer shares data on the challenges to achieving content marketing success. Spoiler alert: 53% of marketers worldwide say that it is a lack of internal content creation resources.

One tip is to know what content already exists for your brand and just repurpose it. Custom content is great, but brands can always leverage what they already have.