This Week in Native: Why Is Mobile Video So Confusing To Advertisers? Plus: Apple's New News App and Facebook's Buy Button

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This week in native...

Mobile video buyers and sellers face the paradox of choice, a new Flipboard-like news app from Apple, you can now make purchases within your Facebook feed, plus: the best puppy video ever.

Mobile Video Is The Hottest Media Format Right Now. Why Is It So Confusing For Advertisers?

An eMarketer report this week discusses the opportunities and challenges ahead in mobile video. Mobile video ad spend will reach $2.62B this year, but there is too much confusion in the space. There is inconsistency with units, pricing and metrics across the board.

For publishers, it's hard to decide which units to include on their sites. Do they need to create more video content to show video ads or can they place video ads in their news feed?

Apple Replaces Newsstand App with 'News'

Newsstand was Apple's native mobile app where you can pull up a digital version of all of your favorite paper magazines. That's not how we read online, so Apple is launching something a little more tech-forward: a reading app called News that is more like Flipboard and Facebook Instant Articles: a live news feed aggregated from your favorite publications and interests. Publishers get 100% of the ads they sell within their News app content and 70% if they let Apple fill inventory through iAd.

Facebook Adds A Buy Button Too

Pinterest, Instagram and Google all announced buy buttons recently and now Facebook is joining in on the commerce capability.

This buy button allows users to click buy and checkout right from the feed. This reduces the friction to buy and keeps users in the platform. After buying, you can continue to scroll through the feed.

Discover The Future Of Native Advertising This July

Since 2012, Sharethrough's native ad summit has literally set the stage for innovation in media and technology. With the native ad market potentially growing to $21 billion in 2018 and expected to reach $10.7 billion this year, according to Business Insider, the buzzword is here to stay.

At NATIVE 2015, the annual native ad conference, talks from GoPro, Netsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn and Vox will give us a glimpse into what's next. Check out the history of the conference, past speakers and a preview of what's to come — the full schedule was just released.

###Brand Content Of The Week: Purina Purina partnered with BuzzFeed to create Puppyhood, the most adorable video ever about a man and his puppy.

Native Stat Of The Week: 41.3%

Users often hit "skip this ad" before they recognize the product being sold. That's a lot of bad pre-roll.