This Week in Native: Your Brain On Ads Plus The Growth Of In-House Content Studios

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Every week, we feature four interesting articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat.

This week in native...

A year-long neuroscience study uncovered that native ads receive twice as much visual focus as banners. Plus, find out more about who is creating all of the branded content.

Forget Viewability - Nielsen Study Shows What's On Mobile Users' Minds

Media post provides an overview of Sharethrough's A Neuroscience Perspective, a research report that uses neuroscience to prove that while people see banner ads, they truly read native ads.

For publishers, it is important to understand how to keep users engaged so that they spend more time on site. The study finds that native ads received twice as much “visual focus” compared to banner ads.

For advertisers, this highlights the value of a native ad impression compared to the value of a banner ad impression.

Even if an ad isn't clicked, the words in a native ad are read and associated with the advertiser.

Banners, on the other hand, are processed peripherally and receive little-to-no visual focus on the text.

This research is important because it uses neuroscience to determine how the brain is reacting to ads on a subconscious level.

You can explore the full report or get a quick visual summary with this infographic.

Why Branded Content Is Poised To Take Over

Peter Minnium, head of brand initiatives at the IAB predicts branded content will be the leading ad format. He recaps a discussion from the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting about whether sponsor content is created at the publisher, agency or brand level.

Many publishers are spinning up in-house content studios (including Thrillist, below) and it is important to have talented creatives help tell brand stories. The latest example is Spike Lee, who made headlines when he announced he'd be working on brand video content for Complex.

Thrillist Launches In-House Studio

Thrillist Launches In-House Studio

Thrillist just launched CoLab, an in-house studio, to build native activations and content for brands. CoLab will specialize in content for Millenial males, a growing and important demographic (more about Millenials below in the stat of the week).

Now more than never it will be important for publishers to sell more than just their audience. The battle for advertiser dollars will be around who has the best sponsored content program that can reach that audience in a meaningful way.

Viewability Motivates Site Redesigns

Viewability Motivates Site Redesigns

A staggering 50% or more of display ads on the web are not viewable. Publishers are now rethinking how their sites are designed in order to accomodate viewable ads and consider new ad types.

"A significant portion of the publishers we talk to are actively redesigning all of or part of their sites and all of them are taking viewability into account," said Jonah Goodhart, CEO of analytics firm Moat, which measures viewability and advises publishers and marketers.

Brand Content of The Week: Netflix Does It Again

Brand Content of The Week: Netflix Does It Again

The Atlantic and Netflix bring us the latest blockbuster native ad, "The Ascent: Political Destiny And The Makings of A First Couple."

A promotion for Netflix and House of Cards, the paid article features multimedia storytelling and analysis from presidential couples that surely influenced our favorite fictional power couple, the conniving Frank and Claire Underwood.

Stat of the Week: 44% of Millenials Text Message

Stat of the Week: 44%

Will the ancient communication technology of SMS become the next hot platform for advertising? Goldman Sachs created an in-depth infographic that mentions how 44% of millenials text to communicate about a service, product, or brand.