Introducing Sharethrough for Publishers 2.0: New Unified Auction Features Revolutionize The Supply Side Platform For The Next Chapter Of Native

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The media industry is shifting towards ads that fit in, ads that are naturally integrated to the page and dynamically personalized to the user (i.e. native ads). Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) is a forward-thinking SSP built with that shift in mind. At the core of our business, we’re looking to help forward-thinking publishers control their own destiny through a time of great transition in the media industry, helping them optimize and boost their revenues with better and smarter advertising while cutting down on the amount of developer hours they need to invest in their advertising operations.

Over the past year we’ve been working on a new offering that speaks to the heart of this mission. We’re proud today to announce that the results of this: our new Unified Auction features, which represents the biggest upgrade to the SFP platform we’ve made to date (and is now available for all our publisher customers).

Unified Auction - the backbone of what we’re labelling SFP 2.0 - combines plug-and-play header wrapper technology (a site container that helps publishers simplify the complexity of header bidding) with a standard mediation waterfall. Unified Auction gives publishers the ability to maximize yield and revenue with a simultaneous auction, while still keeping in place the traditional mediation waterfall to make sure no money is left on the table. It does all of this within an intuitive interface, which takes much of the manual work out of switching in bidders and sorting through analytics.

There’s no other SSP that does all of this.

We believe the core value proposition Unified Auction brings to SFP is simple. It will help our publisher customers work faster and more efficiently, know more about ad performance and take action without needless hassle. We designed it with the direct goal of helping our publishers to better use SFP to maximize their yield from all indirect sources of demand, without being bogged down by the complexity of managing a complicated ad server setup or spending valuable developer resources.

It’s not about native, it’s about your business

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. We built our wrapper to accommodate all current standard display and traditional outstream video demand while providing publishers the tools they need to succeed with native. Unified Auction supports both native and display bidders working together and provides a single wrapper supporting both.

We know native advertising. We’ve perfected the art and proven the science of native advertising and we believe it is the direction the industry is heading in. Unified Auction comes with world-class native-first support, helping publishers easily manage their templates and plug into the Sharethrough Exchange, which is integrated with almost every major DSP in the market. But we recognize that to help accommodate publishers’ current monetization needs, we need to help them easily unify their native ad demand with legacy ad formats. By being able to traffic all types of demand, we’ve made Unified Auction the complete solution for publishers who understand the shift towards native and want to transform their businesses to take advantage of native over time.

Unparalleled Ease Of Use

Unified Auction is set-up with a single tag on page. Our header wrapper then helps publishers save even more on resources. Other wrappers require publishers to call on their developer teams to make adjustments within the header of the page: re-working code and manually adding or removing tags. Sharethrough’s Unified Auction has a user interface that lets publishers add or remove bidders with a simple switch.

This lets publishers experiment, evaluate and optimize with greater efficiency and freedom than ever before. Too often, publishers will set-up their wrapper but be hesitant to change it if they see poor performance because they know how complex and time consuming the work is. With Unified Auction publishers can easily evaluate the performance of the bidders through its built-in analytics suite and easily take action by switching out, or deactivating lower performing bidders.

Automate and Simplify Ad Operations

Unified Auction will simplify the lives of publisher ad operation teams massively. Unlike its competitors, it automatically deploys a full line item setup for each bidder, saving AdOps employees all the time they would have spent entering thousands of line items each time they wanted to set-up a new bidder.

Better Analytics With Less Hassle

Sharethrough’s platform has been battle-tested for native and through Unified Auction, we provide the analytics that we know publishers need in order to gain better insights into performance and make the right optimizations. Other wrappers provide reporting in the form of raw data or one-off spreadsheets, making it harder to draw insights and take action. In some cases, publishers may not even touch their reporting due to the hassle of having to sort through so much data. Unified Auction is designed to help SFP be even more intuitive, providing publishers with even more of the tools they need to get the most value out of their monetization efforts.

With Unified Auction we’ve taken actions that used to be manual and labor intensive and removed these roadblocks, making them almost automatic. We’re helping publishers take action and optimize their business, all the while helping them transition from traditional digital ad units over to native ads that fit in and are personal, while not leaving any money on the table in the process.