The 6 Components That Make Up An In-Feed Native Ad

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Dynamic Ad Components For Programmatic Native

What makes up a native ad? When you break it down into components there are six pieces: URL, thumbnail, headline, description, brand logo and brand name. That's all you need to buy native. The brand logo is even optional, so you really only need five pieces to get started. (Although, the logo is very much still recommended.)

How Native Ads Blend Into Any Site

With programmatic native an SSP takes these six components, and using Real Time Templating fits them into the design and layout of each unique site or app. Through the wonders of the new OpenRTB protocols for native ads, with just these six pieces of information an ad can be customized to the individual look or feel of any publisher.

For programmatic buyers that have been buying display ads, the only difference with programmatic native is that the creative no longer comes in pixel sized boxes. Rather than a 300x250 banner, you will now be using dynamic ad components that are adaptable to the requirements of each site they're placed on.