With Native Video Ads, Take What You Know About Pre-Roll And Throw It Out The Window

on Native Video

It should come as no surprise that the first five seconds of online videos have a strong influence on a person's likelihood to complete the video.

Given that we live in a world full of content, where decisions are made in an instant and our attention spans have dwindled to a mere eight seconds (apparently one second less than a goldfish!), this makes a lot of sense.

Google, the owner of YouTube, spent time looking closely at this impact.

Comparing Google's study to data from Sharethrough's native ad buying platform, there’s one takeaway that advertisers should pay close attention to:

Displaying branding in the first five seconds of a native video ad has virtually no impact on completion rate, while pre-roll video completion rates decrease.

How Branding In The First 5 Seconds Effects Video Ad Completion

Google reports a 26% drop in completion rates when brand is shown in the first 5 seconds of a pre-roll ad.

Not only does incorporating the brand too early result in lower completion rates for pre-roll (and is just plain annoying), it can create irreversible negative brand associations.

The right to choose, as it is with native advertising, changes everything. It changes human behavior and therefore the metrics that measure it.

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