Yahoo! Joins The Native Party

on Content Trends

Late last year we made a few predictions about the native advertising market, and one of them was that Yahoo! would roll out a native ad solution.

So today’s announcement of Yahoo! Stream Ads makes us at Sharethrough feel a little Nate Silver-esque.

We also noted that native would be the answer to mobile, so it comes as no surprise that Yahoo will feature Stream Ads on their mobile application.

In addition to our predictions, we offered Yahoo suggestions for a native redesign, which included several takes on Yahoo native ads.

In the redesign piece, our CEO, Dan Greenberg, noted one major reason why Yahoo was the prime candidate to go native:

*“Yahoo’s undeniable strength is content," said Greenberg. "From Sports to News to Entertainment, Yahoo has far exceeded any other Silicon Valley company’s efforts to build loyal audiences through original content. There could not be a better time for Yahoo to go native with content-driven advertising. Brands are investing unprecedented budgets in their own original content and publishing efforts, and are in deep need of new mediums to promote this branded content in native ways.”"

Ok, enough with the back-patting. The main reason for this post is to welcome Yahoo to the native party.

Their inclusion is a large step for the entire digital advertising industry and  a very important stamp of approval from one of the largest media companies. We look forward to additional publishers and media heavy weights following their lead.

From the 1st ever Native Advertising Summit, to an increase in branded custom content, to today’s announcement, 2013  has been a big year for native.  To reflect that growth, we plan on rolling out another version of the Native Adscape, which offers the only all-inclusive view of companies, technologies, and publishers involved in the native movement.

Until next time, stay native, friends.